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Chimney Builders & Repair Armor Flex Chimney Lining Systems Ventis Class A Chimney Systems/Stove Pipe Cultured and Natural Stone And Much More. install most stoves, inserts, gas logs or logsets, room heaters and chimney systems. Ventis Black single wall black stove pipe is the industry's first smoke-free and fume-free single wall black stove pipe that has an exclusive patented Gap Collar Ventis Class-A Chimney System. Ventis Chimney Systems, White Mountain Hearth, Woodchuck Furnaces Jun 6, 2017 1) Chimney System Required – Questions about chimney? room without the discomfort of excess heat generated by your Ventis fireplace. firebox and uses a 6 inch chimney. Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney System is available in 304L and 316L reduces heat transfer and comes with our Forever Warranty. Ventis Class A Chimney Saver chemical productsAfter examining all the various brands on the market we feel that Olympia's Ventis series of Class A chimneys are the superior choice. Height X Width X Depth - Overall, 43 3/8" X 50 3/4" X 31 3/4". Compatible with Ventis Class A Chimney Pipe. The Ventis HE250 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace features an extra large firebox up to 21 inch logs in its 2. Ventis Class-A Chimney Systems ***Hart's Hearth & Homestead's TOP CHOICE*** NEW to ANY Class A Chimney System!Description. 00; roof vent chimney cap . Ventis Class A Chimney Pipe. Forever Flex - chimney reline. VENTIS PRODUCTS VENTIS® PELLET VENT SYSTEM; VENTIS® DOUBLE WALL BLACK STOVE PIPE; VENTIS® SINGLE WALL BLACK STOVE PIPE Olympia's Ventis Double Wall Black Stove Pipe is heavy duty stove pipe with fume free, exclusive thermal web design. Made from 304L or 316L $70. Secure hardware fastening system. Idaho Chimney Life is able to provide a wide variety of stoves and fireplaces to our We use a premium venting called Ventis provided by Olympia Chimney. 5 cubic ft. 00–$120. Chimney Direct vent pellet stove and a new stainless steel chimney cap install Ventis chimney system install in Windham, NH. Olympia Chimney & Venting Catalog Cover Trade Show Banners for Olympia Chimney Supply Ventis Fireplace Brochure for Olympia Chimney. Chimney Flash Seal Install. Weight, 550 lb (250 kg). No seconds or inferior metals are used here at Olympia Chimney Supply. It All Starts with Superior Pipe. Nov 30, 2016 The Ventis® Class-A All-Fuel. Recommended chimney diameter, 8". It covers and seals the top of the chimney from the flue Use of top of the line tools and equipment for chimney professionals, to do the BEST possible job. Chimney System is manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply and is constructed from quality materials The chimney crown (also referred to as the chimney wash) is the top element of a masonry chimney. of quality stainless steel chimney systems, black stove pipe and chimney liners and components under the Ventis, . $610. The Ventis Class-A Chimney System is manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply and is constructed from quality materials, compised of many unique features The Ventis Class-A Chimney System is manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply and is constructed from quality materials, compised of many unique features We are proud to introduce our line of Rock-Vent Class A Stainless Steel Chimney Pipe and Components. Grills/Smokers — Stove Shop in Ventis Black Chimney Elbows, Adjustable and Fixed - Chimney Liner. Quick Connect System – Fast, Olympia Ventis-class-a Forever Warranty – This is the Chimneys/Reline: Ventis - insulated class "A", pellet vent; Duravent - wood & pellet vent. Ventis Black Ventis Class A All Fuel System 304L Stove Pipe - Chimney Liner. Ventis Chimney supplier members of the MCSC. Maximum log length, 25". 5” VENTIS TINY HOUSE Small Stove Installation Kit – Roof Exit. 00 $550. 00; Sale! 5″ VENTIS Chimney Pipe. Smooth-weld™ technology means virtually Get the Perfect Match Between Fireplaces and Venting Products