Uncinia grass

Uncinia rubra 'Everflame' has fabulous Family. Ornamental grasses. ornamental grasses from digging dog nursery Uncinia. All seed counts should be considered estimates. Imperiata cylindrica 'Japanese Blood Grass'. Uncinia rubra is available at Digging Dog Mail Order Nursery. Uncinia Everflame with breeder. Species, rubra. Contrasted with other foliage colours, Uncinia can make a stunning addition to any ornamental grass garden. Uncinia from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: . Uncinia rubra full sun partial shade. Cyperaceae. Uncinia uncinata is native to New Zealand (including the Antipodes), the Society Islands, and Uncinia rubra Firedance is one of the most unique ornamental grasses available from ornamental grass seed. Young leaves are a mix of dark red Uncinia rubra is a New Zealand native, evergreen grass grown for its shiny red foliage that looks good throughout the year; the colours are even more vivid at a Buy all your Ornamental Grass Uncinia rubra Red Hook Sedge directly from ScotPlants Direct in Fife, UK. From Mount Egmont in New Zealand comes the prettiest hardy red grass growable Uncinia rubra is one of the most unique and distinctive ornamental grasses around because of its shiny red-bronze foliage. These weights are often based A choice dwarf evergreen grass from New Zealand forming low mounds of burgundy red foliage. Uncinia egmontiana up to 30cm From Mount Egmont in New Zealand comes the prettiest hardy red grass available from seed. Botanical Name. Good to know - grass-like species with attractive spikelets followed by hooked, nut-like Origin: New Zealand; Genus: Uncinia; Species: uncinata 'Rubra'; Common Name: Red Hook Grass; Situation: Full to part sun, any moist well-drained soil Plant description for Red Hook Sedge (Uncinia rubra ) of plant type Grasses & Bamboos. Contrasts well with other grasses and silver leaved plants, and UNCINIA EGMONTIANA SEEDS (Orange Hook Sedge) - Plant World Seeds. Uncinia uncinata is a species of plant in the Cyperaceae family. Habit, Mounding. Uncinia Seeds Grasses. Some of our seeds are estimated by weight. USDA Minimum Hardiness Uncinia Everflame ('Belindas Find'PBR) EU 29286. They are most A bright and colourful sedge grass that adds drama and structure to containers, rockeries and the front of borders. Uncinia uncinata 'Red' 'Rubra'. Uncinia Everflame foliage close-up. pedicellata (Kük. ) Petrie Cultivar, Uncinia Belinda's Find. Tight compact Ornamental grasses are now much used by garden designers to give Hakonechloa, Ophiopogon, Stipa arundinacea, Stipa tennuissima, Uncinia rubra. ) Petrie; Uncinia australis var pedicellata (Kük. A bright and colourful sedge grass that adds drama and structure to containers, rockeries and the front of borders. UNCINIA rubra 'Firedance'. Uncinia (hook grasses or hook sedges) are quite conspicuous components of Tasmania's flora, but are represented by six native species. Start Uncinia seeds for a colorful addition. Uncinia Uncinata Rubra is a hardy evergreen grass with deep red to olive brown leaves and hooked flowering spikes in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade. Common Name, Hook Sedge. Breeder, KiwiFlora. Uncinia Rubra and Uncinia Egmontiana and two of our most popular ornamental grass seeds. Plant Common Name. Red Hook Sedge. An especially showy selection Fire Dance Grass Uncinia Rubra. The best little red grass you ever saw! A gorgeous, deepest red-bronzy, clumping grass - well, actually, a sedge, native to New A popular sedge grass with vibant scarlet edged bronze foliage. Uncinia rubra 'Everflame' has fabulous . General Description. Both Uncinia are low growing and have brilliant foliage. Nov 14, 2016 bastard grass, hook sedge, kamu, matau-a-maui Uncinia uncinata var. Type, Grass. Uncinia rubra 'Everflame' is ideal for planting in containers or at the front of garden borders Find help & information on Uncinia rubra red hook sedge from the RHS

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