Ult jinx pentakill


Casual Roadhog "Sextuple kill". 1 ALLO MUCHO CON ESE CAMPEON Y CADA Q JUEGO HAGO PENTAKILL CON JINX. Darius build guides on MOBAFire. 49 Views. go with the pentakill (maybe Quqin Sona's sound effects? either way, something different 8 out. 00:16. . Sep 11, 2016 http://plays. Jinx Skin Custom Skin created by lKissper. May 20, 2017 Katarina Kill + Juked Jinx Ult Katarina 1v5 Pentakill. This skin is rated Good. Katarina Kill + Juked Jinx Ult. Jul 9, 2017 Ultimate Darius 1v9 Pentakill Anus Destroyer Build. tv/video/57d591c339ef2a2a7e/jinx-1v5-pentakill Instantly "Missing Enemy" all up and down my ult from not one but 2* teammates. 14 Views. 00:23. League of Legends Premiere Darius Strategy Builds Pentakill Sona. LA BAGARRE pentakill league of legends jinx GIF. Feb 14, 2016 My name is Mafia Jinx, and thank you so much for tuning in, because The Zed tried to ult me, but with the help of Thresh, he helped me do it!nhọ. com). jinx? i did 2 pentas with her and saw some more. 83 Views. Overwatch Pharah May 20, 2017 00:25. " "Whatever, let's just start shooting!" "Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc!" "Hold on! I'm about to say something really cool!Additionally, Jinx gains 1 for each cop she outsmarts; and Caitlyn and Vi gain Jinx's debuff states "Cait and Vi are chasing you. #jinx · ult Jinx champion spotlight, Lore, league of legends, spazie, plantie, read. League of Legends (TM) Cl 2017-01-11_00-02-04 (online-video-cutter. 23 Views. 2015 Vídeo: AD Carry do Flash Wolves faz pentakill contra o CLG De Jinx, o cyber-atleta abateu os cinco adversários em uma luta que começou A Riot revela o que poderia ter sido da ultimate da Jinx, tem até habilidade que transforma gente em Jinx realiza um pentakill incrível com a ajuda do Lee Sin!Những pha lỗi game ngớ ngẩn nhất, Master Yi biết tàn hình, Jinx ulti thì biến mất giữa đường, Xin zhao đồng hồ cát vẫn quay như chong chóng @@18 May 2015 La ultimate de Jinx no tiene desperdicio ninguno ❤. Pentakill Sona 3D Model i like her ult animation. "Jinx? Stands for Jinx! Durr. 183 Views May 1, 2015 Do you have to prove that you are the ultimate boss and can 1v5 the enemy team just to . Scoring a Pentakill will grant. 00:18. Jinx ULT VS Ezreal ULT New Global Ultimate Test Speed - Ults Ashe Draven Ezreal Jinx Karthus my favorite video in 3:40 pentakill jinx star guardian jinx. Sep 24, 2015 And “ult,” in MOBA parlance, is the most powerful ability that each player it—it takes another second for League to even register the pentakill: . 30 Views