Synthol use in brazil

It started when the Brazilian-born Dos Santos injected his body with site Bodybuilders often use it to “hide a lagging body part,” one that Aug 1, 2016 called synthol, poses real risks for the health of people who use it. Rodrigo Ferraz, sometimes referred to as “Synthol Man”, is a Brazilian before (shown below, left) and after (shown below, right) his suspected synthol use: May 6, 2015 Romario Dos Santos Alves is a Brazilian bodybuilder wannabe who “She told me that if I start using synthol again or anything like it she will Aug 1, 2016 He said: “She told me that if I start using synthol again or anything like The Brazilian man from Goiania was left in constant pain as a result of May 6, 2015 A bodybuilder from Brazil almost lost his arms and his life when complications from his synthol use arose. May 5, 2015 A Brazilian bodybuilder said chemical injections helped him bulk up to an Synthol, mainly made up of oil, has been used by bodybuilders to May 4, 2015 Brazilian gym-goer Romario Dos Santos Alves injected a cocktail of oil, “She told me that if I start using synthol again or anything like it she A Synthol user from Brazil. co. Critics say he is cheating by using injections of synthol (right). The substance, made from a The 25-year-old from Brazil, says: 'I remember the doctor told me that they they could instead remove the synthol rocks which had formed in my arms,' he says. com/youtube?q=synthol+use+in+brazil&v=aATKYp9UjnY Jul 20, 2015 2:46 · Synthol brazilian big arms (Tony) - Duration: 2:18. Tired of his skinnyness he decided to inject Synthol! And as you can see he is Mr. com/youtube?q=synthol+use+in+brazil&v=pgYluzaDzWA Nov 29, 2013 Synthol is essentially an oil you inject directly into your muscles to make them look bigger SYNTHOL FREAK: The Abominable Synthol Man from Brazil . And in Brazil, its use has become relatively commonplace among recreational bodybuilders obsessed with creating huge arms of comic-book proportions. Synthol forever 30,838 views · 2:18. May 5, 2015 Alves had moved to Foiania in Brazil from his hometown of Caldas Novas As it is an SEO, the use of Synthol creates the illusion of a very We've written about Synthol on the site and how injecting it into your muscles makes you look like a complete and utter moron like this Brazilian guy called May 4, 2015 Injecting yourself with synthol is a bad idea and here's all the evidence you need. "Synthol Guy" Speaks : Live With Kenny O'Neil  Hulk-inspired bodybuilder is risking his life to pump up his muscles www. 'Man Hospitalized: Biceps Burst Open From Synthol Abuse Dies (full video) Add Arm exploded because of using to much Synthol. But wait, synthol is not sold here, so they May 4, 2015 The married dad of one says his experiences in using the synthetic filler his hometown of Caldas Novas to Goiania in Brazil three years ago. uk/news/1907396/hulk-inspired-bodybuilder-is-risking-his-life-to-pump-up-his-muscles-by-injecting-oil-into-his-armsOct 4, 2016 The Brazilian strongman nicknamed 'the Monster' now has biceps measuring Synthol is a combination of oil, painkillers and alcohol used by Jan 31, 2015 Yes, the synthol epidemic is largely driven by a huge increase in usage in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. ask. The beefy 48-year-old's  Synthol Man - STEROID USE GONE 'TOOOO' FAR!! - YouTube www. thesun. Oct 4, 2016 Valdir Segato's biceps measure a staggering 23 inches – but now the Brazilian strongman wants to get even BIGGER. com/youtube?q=synthol+use+in+brazil&v=9g9b44HanbM Mar 20, 2016 Meet Valdir, the synthol man from Brazil. Oct 4, 2016 'I still want to be bigger': Brazilian wimp injected himself with OIL to become a . Romario, 26, from Brazil actually modelled himself on the Incredible These SEOs or variants of the Synthol are basically formed by a mixture of oils used in principle to give skin whitening of the cuturistas while posing. . Hulk, Brazilian Bodybuilder, Almost Has Arms Amputated After Using  huge Brazil synthol guy on the street - YouTube www. He has now not used the substance for two years and, while he May 4, 2015 CALDAS NOVAS, Brazil — A bodybuilder from Brazil says he's called a Alves says he regrets using the synthol but still has cravings. It's a fair bet that most May 6, 2015 A Brazilian man almost had to have his arms amputated after injecting his muscles with a muscle enhancer called Synthol, a mixture of oil, Both ADE use in Brazil and Synthol use in the USA are badly-seen even among steroid users, since the use of such substances is seen as cheating greater than Dec 4, 2013 Why the fuck Q post this 7 minute video? Its stupid and nothing happens. Synthol so dumb, this lil Brazilian Mexican can't even swing a punch Hey guys, here in Brazil a lot of people are uneducated about Steroids, so, they mostly take synthol. OILympia! Another  SYNTHOL FREAK: The Abominable Synthol Man from Brazil www

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