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edges are whipping palm trees and kicking up the surf as it spins toward Florida with 125 mph Oct 23, 2012 UPDATE: The shark that attacked Solorio's upper torso was confirmed to be a great white, as confirmed by Sgt. 00:29; Santa Barbara County prepares for next veterans stand down eventOct 25, 2012 LOMPOC - The shark that attacked a surfer at Surf Beach was a great white, estimated at 15 to 16 feet in length, according to the Santa Barbara Jul 20, 2017 Kayaker Survives Shark Attack in Santa Barbara The Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol measured the bite mark at about 16 inches. Moyer attended Oct 21, 2014 the fourth attack this month in the area around Santa Barbara. Aug 29, 2015 State Parks official, Lisa Remington said the attack happened just after She said a shark bit a surfer's board, but the woman was able to swim . With the help of the Santa Barbara County Coroner, he extracted DNA from a tooth "So far this year we've had six shark attacks along the Pacific Coast: five in Sep 12, 2016 Tyler McQuillen was spearfishing off the coast of Santa Barbara on There have been a total of sixty-two shark attacks bites in 2016. Just a week before the kayakers were attacked, a surfer was struck by a Jun 23, 2016 Mysterious Great White Shark Attacks on Sea Otters Surge kicked a boogie board into the harrowing surf to try and unravel the mystery behind Bay south of San Francisco to Point Conception, northwest of Santa Barbara, Oct 4, 2014 A surfer and two kayak fishermen were attacked by sharks–or perhaps at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, north of Santa Barbara. Oct 12, 2016 “He was one of those people who was always laughing, always making jokes” Patrick Moyer of Santa Barbara said of Endris. Get surfing news, watch live surfing events, view videos, athlete rankings and more from the world's Women's CT #7 Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California. Jul 23, 2015 The last 100 years of shark attacks in the Bay Area mapped . The area was closed Sunday, but lifeguards say Sep 12, 2016 Go-Pro Video Records Shark Attack on Surfer at Refugio State Beach state beach park located 20 miles west of Santa Barbara, California. Surfers are an easy target for sharks, especially in Australia, South Africa and California. Jul 19, 2011 Eighteen fatal attacks on surfers since 1992 made this section of the coast toward Santa Barbara and beyond, where sea lions number in the While shark attacks are rare, they've been on the rise, with 79 attacks in 2010—the most dangerous year for shark attacks in a decade. by SEAT. . Here is our list of some . Oct 23, 2010 The University of California, Santa Barbara, junior had a severe wound to his left leg and died a short time later at Surf Beach, the Santa Oct 25, 2010 Sgt. , said of the attack, "The friend was surfing, the victim was boogie-boarding, saw May 31, 2016 Last July, a shark bumped a surfer in the waves south of the Huntington In Santa Barbara County, bodyboarder Luke Ransom was killed in Jun 15, 2017 Santa Barbara Surfer Ben Andrews Rides A 53-Foot Wave At Maverick'S And Wins $50000. by sharks since 1926: two in San Diego County, two in Santa Barbara County, 2 days ago Santa Barbara pumps on Day 3 and by day's end, only 8 surfers remain at Azores Airlines Pro pres. Ten people die, every year, due to shark attacks around the world. Jason Grossini, of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Dept. May 6, 2017 Most surfers and swimmers in southern California take solace that “the man in at Surf Beach (near Jamala Beach in northern Santa Barbara County) in For example, after a fatal tiger shark attack of a San Francisco surfer 3 days ago "They locked it up so the surfers can't go there," Howorth said. Francisco Javier Solorio Jr, 39, October 23, 2012, Great White Shark, Attacked occurred while Solorio was surfing at Surf Beach in Santa Barbara Jul 21, 2017 Two shark attacks were reported along the southern Santa Barbara County coastline Thursday, with a kayaker and paddleboarder escaping Jul 22, 2017 There were two—count them, two—shark attacks off Santa Barbara on Thursday, one on a kayaker and another on a stand-up paddleboarder. Mark Williams of Santa Barbara Oct 23, 2012 A shark attack killed a surfer off the coast of California on Tuesday, "It was a confirmed shark attack and a confirmed death," a Santa Barbara May 1, 2017 Hours after a shark attacked a woman at San Onofre State Beach surfers returned to the water. The following is a list of recorded fatal shark attacks which have taken place in California

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