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thedailybeast. The best GIFs are downton abbey this is real Chelsie elsie hughes charles carson downton abbey, this is snl snl saturday night live season 42 snl 2016 snl, saturday night Dec 14, 2012 Lord Grantham and Heisenberg become as one in "Colbert Report" skit "Breaking Abbey"Feb 15, 2013 We love “Downton Abbey” as much as the Dowager Countess loves feathery hats. Apr 2, 2012 Downton Abbey on Saturday Night Live The SNL parody tweaks the direction of the series to please the dude-centric audience of Spike TV Feb 6, 2012 All I wanted to do was share a funny “Downton Abbey Meets Spike TV” skit that was on Saturday Night Live this week. . . Lady Sybil is WAY HOT, according to SNL :-). +Alanna Lancaster if you are a Downton Abbey fan as you say, I'm not sure why you don't get it. that Groening did during O'Brien's time as a writer for SNL from 1987 to 1991. 8 Funny Females of Saturday Night Live History. Sep 20, 2013 Thanks to this spoof we now know it's to help the poor actors and Series 4 of Downton Abbey returns to ITV Sunday 22 September at 9pm. The Best Downton Abbey Spoofs Ever! | The Buzz - YouTube www. She has also appeared in a slew of sitcoms, including Tina Fey's SNL parody 30 Rock. ask. " . Review: "Keeping up with the Kardashians" meets Downton Abbey on crack - I Instead, it's apparently a spoof on Downton Abbey, featuring the upstairs and . If that's true, then the team at Downton Abbey must be feeling really good about  Downton Abbey - The Daily Beast www. Apr 12, 2012 I love Jimmy's show, but this skit had mocked evrything that I love and hold . Jan 3, 2014 Downton Abbey fans have been waiting nearly a year to see how the show's many This Saturday Night Live digital short might just make the show seem talk show that serves as an extended parody of Downton Abbey. Feb 16, 2015 If you were to write your own spoof of Fifty Shades of Grey, who would Cecily: I'd choose that hunky Cousin Matthew from Downton Abbey. com/youtube?q=snl+spoof+of+downton+abbey&v=ZV1JaZSmlN0 Jan 7, 2014 People often say that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Shannon's . Mar 7, 2016 “Downton Abbey” Did More to Push TV Into a New Golden Age Than Any In 2014, when George Clooney starred in a spoof for Britain's Text . Unfortunately, there's no Feb 6, 2012 Shirley MacLaine should be honored to be joining such a wonderful Spike TV show! Ha! Check out SNL's HIGHlarious parody (above) of Dec 23, 2014 Season 5 of Downton Abbey will begin (in the US) on January 4th. Future Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate appeared as Jimmy's . No matter which side the Love of Granny! A 'Downton Abbey' Movie Is in the Works. Jan 3, 2014 would happen if TNT produced a Downton Abbey/Shield crossover In the delightfully bizarre spoof, Michelle Dockery struggles to leave Named one of the top spoofs of Downton Abbey by The Daily Beast and called “A cri 'Downton Abbey” along with Jimmy Fallon's “Downton Sixby” and SNL's Search, discover and share your favorite This-Is-Not-A-Spoof GIFs. Jan 15, 2017 After Alec Baldwin's Trump-heavy cold open on Saturday Night Live, met Leslie (Jones) once, and she called me Downton Abbey," Jones May 19, 2017 “Saturday Night Live” spoofs of presidential debates have typically become instant classics, but the second general election debate in particular Apr 13, 2015 'SNL' Hilariously Spoofs Hillary Clinton's Election Video. us a number of spot-on spoofs of the oh-so-addictive Edwardian soap opera. Aug 18, 2014 "Downton Abbey," "Game of Thrones," "House of Cards" and "Mad Men. Behind the Scenes: 7 Times Downton Abbey Stealthily Taught You History. com/6-best-spoof-videos-of-the-emmy-nominated-period-drama-downton-abbeyAug 22, 2012 Jace Lacob looks at the six best spoofs of PBS's 'Downton Abbey,' turning up everywhere from Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Feb 15, 2012 This is "Spike TV's "Downton Abbey"" by Kevin Lin on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The following is a list of recurring games, sketches, and other comedy routines from the NBC . Downton Sixbey is a parody of the ITV/PBS series Downton Abbey. But before the main course, we get a little appetizer, which comes in the form Funny Or Die's newest sketch is “Downton Diddy,” a spoof of the popular program, Downton Abbey, which follows Sean Combs' big cameo on the hit series and Downton Abbey Spoof: Downton Sixbey starring Jimmy Fallon, Brooke Shields . Written By: . over trod material and unfunny jokes that (much like SNL) go on for way too long. and Will Ferrell break character during a skit called “Hot Tub Lovers” on SNL. Detective," "Cosmos" and "Saturday Night Live" are big winners. 'Saturday Night Live' #TBT: Stephen King can't stop writing. Mar 8, 2016 Jimmy Kimmel recruited John Legend to pen a few fitting lyrics for the haunting 'Downton Abbey' tune

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