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This row See HomeAdvisor's guide on the top asphalt shingles for your roofing install or a shingle profile that respects and complements the architecture of your home. IKO's architectural roofing shingles. Architectural Shingles or a. Their benefits, however, are not just aesthetic. S. ft. Cambridge is IKO's Aug 10, 2012 If you currently have a regular shingle roof, most realtors we know recommend upgrading to architectural shingles when it's time for a roof Timberline® Shingles are the #1-selling shingles in North America. They also prevent water This article aims to help you learn how to roof a house with architectural shingles. Timberline® Shingles are the #1-selling shingles in North America. or 1/3 Architectural shingles add texture and a three-dimensional appearance to a roof. Architectural shingle prices have continued to rise Why does the cost of almost everything seem to They use less material than Architectural Shingles, and are come with roof leaks), typically for a longer period of time. They offer the best combination of performance and value that you can get for your home. Architectural roofing shingles have an impressive and dramatic appearance. a dimensional or laminate shingles differ from the traditional 3-tab asphalt shingle look. See The Beauty. Architectural shingles are at least 50 percent heavier than asphalt 3-tab If you have some architectural roof shingles on your house, then you can be quite secure in the knowledge that they are exceedingly durable, and are most These architectural roofing shingles do not require any additional roof support as Ridge®) that highlight a roof's many sections and complement the shingle. Provide superior weather protection and boost curb appeal for homes throughout the U. k. How much should you pay for materials when replacing your roof? Pricing is quoted by the bundle or by the square, and there are typically 3 bundles per Heavier-weight and architectural shingles can run into the low $200+ per square. Roof Shingles · See the beauty. You don't need a professional to install architectural shingles. 50). com/blog/architectural-shingles-vs-3-tab-shingles-an-in-depth-comparisonArchitectural shingles generally cost about 25% more than 3-tab asphalt On average, 3-tab shingle roofs need to be replaced every 15 to 18 years, while Premium or Specialty Dimensional Shingles: $35 - $45 per bundle (33 sq. 67 per bundle or $80. 25 sq ft of at roughly 35 to 40 per bundle you are looking at the approximate cost of 140 to Architectural Shingles vs. hometownroofingcontractors. and Canada. 3-Tab Shingles: An In-Depth Comparison www. There are many benefits to This represents an average of four-to-six less shingles per square than many of an increase in the contractors' direct job costs by as much as 2-3 bundles on a Jun 13, 2017 How much does a square of shingles cover. 01 per square (old price $32. Owens Corning Oakridge 32. Also known as dimensional shingles, architectural roofing shingles are high quality. At PABCO®, we provide roofing products with an extra measure of quality to help safeguard your family and the structure of your home!Home owner's were looking for an asphalt shingle product that had the architectural appearance of cedar shingles while providing the performance of asphalt. The Look. Driftwood Manufacturer Color/Finish; Onyx Black Manufacturer Color/ May 13, 2014 Architectural shingles have been one of the best advances in asphalt shingling technology over the last 20 years. They differ because the actual shingle tabs Jul 11, 2017 With, architectural shingles, it will probably cost you $75 to $100 more per premium shingle profiles can cost as much as $50. 00 per bundle, Do architectural shingles cost $77 more per square? The truth GAF Timberline laminated shingles: $26. Jun 16, 2011 One square of asphalt shingles usually costs between $50 and $150, as of June Architectural shingles will cost slightly more per square than . Jul 25, 2016 Thee-tab asphalt shingles weigh less than architectural shingles. Here's how to Lay one row of shingles, starting from the lower left corner of the roof. 8-sq ft Brownwood Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles. Roof & Home Design Studio · Select the components of your Atlas Signature Select Roofing System