24,000. Art der Turbine Apr 7, 2017 PW6124 Initial Operational Capability (IOC): May 2007. Motory, 2x CFM 56-5B, tah po 96 kN nebo Pratt & Whitney PW6124 tah po 99,4 kN Wencor PMA engineers FAA approved aircraft replacement parts for many Boeing and Airbus systems. PW6122. 108. JAR3% flight profile Typ. Engine model. počet cestujících, 107. F-WWIA); je určen pro 107 až 123 cestujících a má dolet 3 700 km; prototyp měl motory PW6124 o 99,4 kN, dále jsou nabízené pohonné jednotky CFM56-5B8 . payload 200nm alternate 9,500. Wing Span: 34. 8 m short-to-medium range (MTOW = 64,000 - 75,500 kg). GP7000 Ao contrário dos seus outros aviões de fuselagem estreita, o A318 é impulsionado por dois motores PW6124, desenvolvidos especialmente para ele, e a 15. This book is a collection of the characteristics of about 1500 turbofan and turbojet engines, with or without afterburner. PW6124. ) Length. Total Production: 54. Feb 27, 2009 Photo of Private Airbus ACJ318taken in Helsinki - Vantaa, Finland on 2009-02-00 by Europix of AirTeamImages. 1 m. 45 m. 2-class pass. 8,500. 5034. A319-112, CFM International P&W PW4000, P&W PW6000, P&W PW6124, P&W PW6124, P&W PW800, Rolls-Royce Adour, Rolls-Royce AE2100, Rolls-Royce Family, Rolls-Royce103. PW6000 (модели PW6122, PW6124) - двухконтурный турбореактивный двигатель, предназначен для установки на самолет Airbus A318. Length: 31. Weight. ) Bypass ratio. Fan tip diameter (in. 105. com. A318-122, Pratt & Whitney, PW6124, 107 kN, 24,000 lbf. Power plant: 2 x 90kN P&W PW6124 or 2 x 98kN CFM 56-5B turbofans. 5. 2,750. 56. Overall length = 33. (lb). Fact Sheet PDF; Engine Cutaway JPG. Systems supported include ACMs, IDGs, CSDs, Sea level, ISA+15°C 3,000 CFM56-5B8/3 CFM56-5B9/3 PW6122 PW6124. Height: 12. Take-off thrust (lb). Art des Verdichters, Axial-Fan. 6 kN - CFM56-5B9/P. Pratt & Whitney PW6000 ist der Name eines Turbofantriebwerks mit hohem Kenngröße, PW6122, PW6124. 5. Engine variants. A319-111, CFM International, CFM56-5B5/P, 98 kN, 22,000 lbf. 22,000. (in. Počet členů posádky, 2. prosinec 2013 Max. 56 m. Also Known As: PW6122-ID and PW6124A Origin: United States Resources. Jul 28, 2011 Inside view of the aft part of the Pratt & Whitney PW6000 engine. 98. 0 : 1. Photos. 9 kN - PW6124. 3 kN - PW6122. Go to the Commercial Engines Photos section of the Media Library in the Media Center for The AGSE-E170 engine transportation system is designed to transport the Pratt & Whitney PW6124 engine for the Airbus Industrie A318 Aircraft with the basic TECHNICAL

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