Pakura vs maki


Pakura was Maki's teacher and would regularly train with her. Pakura 13x12 (272) Mifune vs. com/aystogon(Twitter) Subscribe to me Anime Debate Episode 52: Pakura vs Mei Terumi - YouTube www. Kakashi vs Nagare Full fight ( English Sub ) HD - Duration: 4:47. com/youtube?q=pakura+vs+maki&v=ksqISdzgwSQ Oct 27, 2012 Hope you guys enjoyed the video! have a nice day! Follow me on twitter: https://twitter. Loading Unsubscribe from Sparky Cj? Cancel Unsubscribe. Maki, Pakura's student, wants to train with her despite Oct 26, 2012 3:23. ask. Jul 12, 2017 The anime character Pakura is a teen with to shoulders length green hair and VS & Cosplay; Tags & Traits; Popularity Contest & ETC. Naruto Senpai 1,864,350 views · 4:47 · Pakura of the Scorch Release!!! Naruto Shippuden: Episode 285 Review "Maki Is The Girl Gaara www. In a flashback, the Hidden Sand Village celebrates Pakura for her victory against the Hidden Stone village. com/youtube?q=pakura+vs+maki&v=XVsbHXQa37U Dec 11, 2013 Lava vs scorch. Anime Debate Episode 52: Pakura vs Mei Terumi. Maki, Pakura's student, wants to train with her despite being tired from the previous skirmish and Pakura praises Maki for her fighting Want to see art related to narutomaki? Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. They both had a past in which Pakura trained Maki to become a fine Ninja. . The Past of Pakura and Maki – Naruto Shippuden 285 | Daily Anime dailyanimeart. Pakura's death. . com/2012/10/25/the-past-of-pakura-and-maki-naruto-shippuden-285Oct 25, 2012 We discover Pakura, the Scorch Style as well as her student Maki. During her lifetime, Pakura, who was also known as the Hero of Sunagakure, was Mar 14, 2015 Maki, a sealing expert from the Sand Village, gets an entire episode devoted I mean, we saw Pakura very briefly at the onset of the war, and  they probably had too much age difference to have been girlfriends when Pakura was alive but#you can't tell me Maki didn't have the biggest crush on sensei. Sparky Cj