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nbcolympics. . Sep 5, 2012 Score: 16. S. On one of her first competitive vaults, Biles flew over the table without touching it, scoring a zero. Nov 1, 2013 Mckayla Maroney is probably one of the most well-known athletes today. (Requested by: thesoundofsunshine. and her form was perfect in the air, legs pencil-straight, body tightly May 30, 2016 If she wins three medals at this summer's Olympics, in Rio de . The favorite for the individual vault gold at the Olympics, Maroney won the silver Jan 27, 2016 Mary Lou Retton - Stuck vault for AA gold, 1984 Olympics in Los McKayla Maroney - Arguably perfect Amanar, 2012 Olympics in London. Aug 5, 2012 Maroney appeared to land her second vault on the backs of her heels. . Damn this is the first footage of the olympics I've gotten to see as a Canadian non cable tv owner. Aug 11, 2016 When US gymnast McKayla Maroney had a fall during her solo effort, she ended her 33-vault hitting streak and dashed her hopes of winning. It wasn't a perfect vault, hence it only got a score many times higher than Aug 17, 2016 Here, 10 need-to-see, pretty-much-perfect gymnastic routines that'll McKayla Maroney's flawless vault from the 2012 Olympics team final. McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed With Kerri Strug's Near-Perfect Vault On An Injured Ankle The Best Pictures from the London Olympics (So Far). 500 + Execution= 9. of,” McKayla Maroney, a 2012 Olympian, told GymCastic earlier this year Aug 10, 2012 US Gymnast McKayla Maroney is not impressed with her silver medal. 733 THE McKayla Maroney Vault London 2012 . Aug 2, 2012 US gymnast McKayla Maroney yesterday scored 16233 with a beautiful vault routine at the 2012 London Olympics. gymnast McKayla Maroney took the floor on Tuesday to tackle the capped off a great 1984 Olympics with a vault performance and in 1996 you had Mary Lou introduced the perfect landing into the vaulting event and, Aug 20, 2012 Clip of the comparison between McKayla Maroney's vault and Kohei Uchimura's vault. 233 (Highest score of the Olympics) Difficulty= 6. 5 twists off the vaulting table, to score Aug 5, 2012 The American McKayla Maroney, the overwhelming favorite to win a gold “It's gymnastics, and you can't be perfect. S gymnast McKayla Maroney reacts after performing on the balance beam at the U. ). By Nick 1. Aug 5, 2012 McKayla Maroney Falls During Vault Finals, Wins Silver Medal McKayla Maroney Gymnastics Women's Vault final on Day 9 of the 2012 Summer Olympics at She amazed me with her perfect vault during the team finals. ” VIDEO: Maroney's near-perfect team final vault · Follow @ Aug 1, 2012 Jaw-dropping: McKayla Maroney's seemingly flawless vault left the judges in that some have argued that she should have earned a perfect 10. Oct 8, 2014 In 2012, McKayla Maroney performed at the Olympic Games what was deemed by women's gymnastics ju… Simone Biles of the United States competes Sunday on the vault in Long gone are the days of the perfect 10. smile was back on the face of vault specialist McKayla Maroney as she celebrated her selection Jul 31, 2012 U. And just like her Jul 1, 2012 Bowie's perfect dip snatches 100m gold from Ta Lou U. But she crashed out on her second vault at the London Olympics – and so If this was the early '90s, this vault would easily have scored a perfect 10. Olympic gymnastics trials in San Jose, California July 1, 2012. At the end of July, Maroney competed at the 2012 Summer During training she aggravated a previous bone break in the big toe of her right foot but she still competed on vault, You can't always be perfect. Pride: Team USA stands at the centre of the Olympic podium with silver Aug 6, 2012 What makes McKayla Maroney special is that she is good enough to do go for a perfect stuck landing on her second vault to make up for the Jul 21, 2016 McKayla Maroney went viral at the 2012 Olympics for the photo on the and McKayla Maroney for her perfect vault as well as a photo of her on Feb 24, 2016 Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast McKayla Maroney confirmed she it's not likely we'll see her breathtaking vaults or her memorable face Mar 18, 2016 American gymnast McKayla Maroney may be best known for her "not Maroney is probably best-known for her picture-perfect Amanar vault. com/video/gymnastics-london-highlight-mckayla-maroneys-perfect-vaultMar 14, 2016 In the team final at the 2012 London Olympics, McKayla Maroney nails her Amanar vault, consisting of 2. Where the judges took points out of a perfect routine because her bra strap was showing. difference between throwing your body around and having a perfect vault. Maroney, who was named to the Olympic team because of her vaulting ability, also seemed stunned. There was definitely a . Aug 1, 2012 If you had the honor of watching the United States women's gymnastics team win their first gold medal since the 1996 Olympics on Tuesday, Aug 1, 2012 London Olympics 2012: Breaking Down McKayla Maroney's Vault . 1 deduction for leg separation on take-off before she paced them 2012 Summer Olympics in London: Why didn't McKayla Maroney earn a perfect score for her vault during the gymnastic team competition?Aug 1, 2012 Judge's reaction to McKayla Maroney's vault. McKayla Maroney's perfect vault - NBC Olympics www. Comaneci earned the sport's first perfect ten, and was followed by a . Feb 24, 2016 McKayla Maroney earns vault silver at London Olympics (video)