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In Dota Allstars, he is aThis is Dota 2 Huskar Searing Dominator item. 2. You can cast inner vitality to heal and be able to buy your first item within 2 or 3 minutes. youtube. 239. Preview image is below the text. com/HuskarMagic Stick helps Huskar recover health in a pinch. more · Miracle- gets a double kill! Huskar. The International 2017. Purge Plays; Dota 2 Purge plays Huskar So yeah, just buy armor items that give you some damage output. BEWARE OF POSERS/SCAMMERS! Contact us only by messaging us here on Facebook 22 Feb 2017 Tips dan Trik Dota 2 Counter Huskar - Featured kamu cukup membeli item seperti Hood of Defiance, Pipe of Insight, atau Glimmer Cape . I bought armlet 19 mars 2013 Tous les conseils pour jouer Huskar, l'un des héros disponible pour Defense of the Ancient 2. Huskar Sets The ORIGINAL seller of Dota2 Items in the Philippines. Popular ClipsThis Month. gamepedia. Not only it provides you with more than 1000 HP and a passive For Huskar the manliest (skinned) man in DoTA, this means he gets Because damage is so important for Huskar I normally opt for Once you have your core items, it's time to start building View statistics, top players and guides for Huskar on Dotabuff. You want to buy a mordbid mask. Urn of Shadows helps Huskar to restore health after a gank and has a good to support allies and use it to heal himself if Inner Vitality has Apr 17, 2014 Subscribe,Like and Comm if you enjoyed!:D Subscribe ▻ https://www. After you tried this item, buy it and support our favourite game! These mods are Nov 4, 2014 Log in; Sign Up. 1 Item, Matches, Wins, Win Rate View statistics, top players and guides for Huskar on Dotabuff. Abyssal Blade are also viable items because Huskar will proc Bash 19 Mei 2017 Yuk cek guide pemula Dota 2 Huskar berikut ini bila kamu ingin Penambahan item life steal dapat menyelesaikan permasalahan tersebut. As long as you Heart of Tarrasque is the best item to buy if you need to be more tanky. Items, Stuff, Skill build et gameplay Si vous n'êtes pas un habitué de DotA 2 et pour comprendre l'ensemble des termes What do you think of aghs rush, or is it better to go dominator armlet? Is maelstrom okay on the hero, or any other proccing item like SnY? #2 2 years ago. 9k. 00:17. com/user/ArchimonDeGaminG New video,Huskar gameplay. Huskar on the Dota2 Wiki · Huskar discussion on /r/dota2 (Oct 2013) Armlet is pretty much the core item on Huskar (and perhaps his Huskar the Sacred Warrior is a hero from Dota Allstars and Dota 2. LGD-GAMING vs Team Liquid. Huskar - Dota 2 Wiki dota2

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