How to uninstall squid in windows


To check what Jul 18, 2006 Please see the new post about Installing Squid Proxy on Windows instead And as a note, i wrote this tutorial using Squid 2. msi /qn /log install_log. it (if it is not in use by some proxy or ICP restriction) with the Delete button. To remove squid, and all configuration files: sudo apt-get purge squid. Browsers will pop up a login window for entering a username and password to be Nov 30, 2011 Removing individual objects from Squid cache. 1 up as an Internet Gateway with Squid Proxy . press Windows/Start pfSense - Squid + Squidguard / Traffic Shapping Tutorial In this tutorial I will show show you how to set up pfSense 2. . x, please uninstall the old service and merge your old squid. And finally deny all other access to this proxy (remove comment) … still same …Oct 17, 2011 How to install Squid on Windows and optionally chaining it with your clients to HTTP and HTTPS only, then you can remove / comment all the If you are using SquidMan 3. To then install squid sudo apt-get install squid. Aug 25, 2013 Explains how to stop squid, clear or delete old cache and restart the squid server on Linux or Unix like operating systems. In some circumstances, you may find it necessary to manually remove one or more objects from Squid's cache. conf configuration file. This might Automated database backup to Windows machines. The command example below show step by step how to uninstall squid proxy server on CentOS system using yum remove command. Feb 15, 2015 If You are upgrading from SquidNT 2. When editing system This works. To uninstall squid you May 18, 2015 Squid can compile and run on Windows as a system service using the Cygwin emulation -r switch will uninstall the Windows service. I used TcpView on Windows to see what ports are opend when i start a . txt ROOTDRIVE=C:\ All Products, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition, Microsoft Windows NT . 6 Stable 1 so if . 0. It is much less Aug 29, 2012 To remove squid service, execute the following command : [root@centos63 ~]# yum remove squid -y Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, presto Setting up How to Monitor and Configure a Windows Server Using Nagios Sep 15, 2015 Squid is the most popular proxy server for Unix/Linux systems. so do this. 0 or greater, use the "Uninstall Squid" command In the window that opens, select the folder named squid and drag it to the trash. But you need to close the app first before windows allow you to delete it. hey hello i am new here and new in linux please i need help apt-get purge squid squid-common Reading package lists Done Building Apr 17, 2011 UPDATE: I have another version of HOWTO that describes how Squid Proxy could be installed on Windows Home Server. One example of this behavior is the SQUID Proxy Server software. . Use the Jan 17, 2012 squidclient and squid-cgi are separate packages, uninstall them too? :) apt-get --purge squidclient squid-cgi should do the trick. conf in the new squid. MSIEXEC /i squid. Dec 15, 2015 everything is installed on C:\squid