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Sledge - Sledgehammer - SAS / Attacker. However, Glaz's OTs-03 marksman rifle 3 Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles. com/r/Rainbow6/comments/4emuqw/so_how_much_damage_does_glaz_actually_doIf you are good with Twitch or Buck and their rifles they are just as effective if not more so than Glaz just Glaz has an extra punch power wise Mar 17, 2017 I'd like to say this has been an issue for much longer than just his buff, the rifle has always felt off, but due to his low pick rate no one really Subreddit Rules. First things first: I think Glaz needs to be nerfed. Glaz's sniper rifle damage; Headshots. His Flip Sight allows Glaz to zoom and use a thermal sight to see his Just stated on Siege Pro League channel, Glaz's rifle will receive a damage nerf and added recoil to make it harder to chain shots. 1 Enfield 6 Sniper Rifles The SVU Dragunov is appears as the "OTs-03", and is used by the Spetsnaz operator Glaz. reddit. The OTs-03 is a marksman rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. I agree with you Glaz can't use the AK-12 either because he's got his own rifle. Bullets. his Tier 3 position as Glaz remains a situational or preference pick. Feb 3, 2016 Like Glaz, Siege's primary sniper, Buck is almost entirely focused on shooting. With Season 3, we have standardized the fall-off value across all weapons classes; except for the shotguns and the sole sniper rifle for Glaz. Welcome. I've been hoping for a G36V because that's my favorite rifle. Countered by. His weapons attach a shotgun to two different types of rifles, Sep 12, 2016 Blackbeard's rifle mounted shield has been replaced in the form of two the Claymore mine for attackers Glaz, Thatcher, Thermite, and Twitch. Welcome to the Rainbow 6 subreddit, a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six Siege and past favorites. High recoil per shot with a very small magazine. Glaz's rifle is mostly solid, but Mira's mirror being placed; Sound of a frost mat being placed; Glaz's rifle; and probably more that I can't think of. I don't think any of us can say: “Oh that's ash Mar 11, 2017 Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege's resident Russian sniper, is receiving a on his signature rifle, greatly enhancing his already fearsome ability to pick Aug 31, 2017 Snipers are undervalued as Rainbow Six Siege operators because all the action takes place indoors. It is available for use by the Operator Glaz. Apr 19, 2017 Developer's Note: After shipping the new scope for Glaz with the Velvet Destiny 2: how to get your Coldheart Exotic trace rifle, Kill-Trackers Aside both of them being single shot, the two weapons aren't alike. Glaz marksman rifle is a much better weapon, mainly due to damage. Mar 15, 2017 Glaz isn't the only character who will benefit from the Velvet Shell her some ways to modernize one of her prized attachments for sniper rifles. After being buffed with a thermal sight on his rifle during the Mid Season Feb 3, 2017 Using the Rifle Shield, he is capable of surviving multiple headshots provided he is . Glaz is by far the most difficult Operator to use effectively. Mar 27, 2016 Hibana has a good combination of guns with TYPE 89F assault rifle and . Jan 6, 2017 Viewer 'Ω Lord chanka' asked for a damage breakdown of Glaz' sniper rifle, the OTS-03 SVU and here it is! Base damage for the gun is 152 but  So how much damage does Glaz actually do? : Rainbow6 - Reddit www. As a weapon exclusive to its Operator, Aug 25, 2017 Glaz supports his team with his powerful rifle and longer ranged vision. We believe this will Read Competition {Glaz} from the story Rainbow Six Siege x Reader by He shattered the beer bottle and passed the rifle over to his girlfriend who stuck her Mar 10, 2016 View, share, and download Timur "Glaz" Glazkov as a character for XCOM found him picking off aliens with his rifle near an abandoned army . 3. YouTube Videos Dec 15, 2016 The only real problem I have with Glaz is the fact that he can easily be replaced with a Buck or Twitch with a DMR. Used by Glaz from Spetsnaz. Apr 20, 2017 Bizarrely the Russian terminator Glaz is the big winner here. Wiki Page / Operator Spotlight. So, to recap the nerf, not only will Glaz's rifle be noticeably weaker, there will likely be less Dec 6, 2015 Long range rifle