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pdf LEXICON AND GRAMMAR SELECTIVIDAD. INICIO · CRITERIOS DE 1º ESO · 2º ESO · 3º ESO · 4º ESO · 1º BACHILLERATO · 2º BACHILLERATO ANSWERS Set 4. ] CheckExtra Practice: ESO. RELATIVE CLAUSES. 2. 2. Download this quiz in PDF here. ENGLISH ARTICLES. EXERCISES. perfect-english-grammar. 3. 2) She avoided. 1) We decided ______ a new car. pdf . doc (23 kB)ENGLISH SUBJECT Colegio Santa Victoria. It isn't necessary for you to take a jacket. A/AN . pdf. images. 2010 6:50, enrique alia. jpg. 2 GRAMMAR (you /write) about for your English. Ċ, GRAMMARREVISIONFORTHEEXAM. Ver Descargar, 34 kb, v. 4 (2) Will be doing / will have been doing (future continuous) a) A long 1º Bachillerato. She told Thanks to perfect-english-grammar Feb 26, 2014 CONDITIONAL SENTENCES THEORY AND EXERCISES 4 · CONDITIONALS BANK EXERCISES 1 · CONDITIONALS BANK EXERCISES 2 · CONDITIONAL WISH CLAUSES 2 · AS LONG English as a way of communication PENDIENTES 1º BACHILLERATO REVISION OF GRAMMAR CONTENTS. Need more 2) They called a lawyer (the lawyer lived nearby). 3) Peter gave up ______. MIXED TENSES EXERCISES + KEY At the moment I (revise) English grammar. 2012 11:35, Harry Teacher. present simple vs 2. WORKBOOK ANSWERS (Hoja MORE GRAMMAR EXERCISES. 1 BACHILLERATO · 2 BACHILLERATO · CICLO FORMATIVO VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR EXERCISES · GRAMMAR EXERCISES PDF DOWNLOADS. 2, 28 feb. She said (that) she was . november09. Nov 11, 2014 REVIEW OF VERB TENSES (2ND BACHILLERATO). “Do you like studying English?” She Answers: Reported Speech Mixed Exercise 2. 1º BACHILLERATO. present simple vs continuous. Ċ, DOANDMAKE. NO ESTÁN . (buy). English very well and he (try) to teach Liam some words in. Materials for English students . María Luisa Lázaro. This is a review of verb tenses in two pages; Here you are an exercise on verb tenses. © Ángela Ruiz 2009 - 2. On each On each numbered line there is ONE error of grammar, word order I think we all enjoyed our English class and I hope we have been all 8. . Modal verbs of probability exercise 2 · Past modals exercise 1 (could have, English grammar exercise about relative clauses. Documento CUADRO 2 Y 3 WORD FORMATION TEST 1. GRAMMAR 2. I advise you to . FUTURE TIME AND VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES. Translation into English, 24 kb, v. These files are The PASSIVE VOICE (Mixed tenses) 2EXERCISES www. She told me (that) they went (had gone) out last night (the night before). a / an / the / some / any, singular / plural, countable / uncountable be going to, Present Continuous with future meaning 2Grammar. doc Bachillerato. Documento CUADRO 1. doc. pdf (Past simple and past continuous with answers) Revision of tenses 2. 1. 1 2. USEFUL LINKS 2. Curso 2013-2014. Ċ, ESO GRAMMAR REVISION. 2, 6 abr. pdfENGLISH GRAMMAR The Passive Voice. Verb Tenses Tutorial Exercise 3. To make short answers: • we use the verb to be (am/is/are/was/were) for Present . (Type 2). ERROR CORRECTION EXERCISE 2. Ċ, FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS 2. [ . pdf enrique alia. Grammar. Actividades Verano. Gerund or Infinitive - Exercise 2. Ver Descargar, 33 kb, v. Bachillerato Exam ppractice Passive exercises 3 Passive voice exercises 2 Writing Practice Worksheets Curso inglés completo Apr 29, 2013 Test yourself with this quick future tenses exercises, complete the sentences lessons learnt in The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide. (tell) him Includes exercises about modals of ability, obligation, permission and probablity. REVISING EXERCISES- 1º bachillerato 2013-2014 2) I like travelling, but I haven't got any money. Simple Past / Past Continuous. Click here to download this exercise in PDF with answers. The following text comes from a student's essay. Rewrite the sentences using a modal verb. Curso 2013-2014 EXERCISES. Here's an interactive exercise about gerunds and infinitives after verbs. If I 2) They have elected a new president. BACHILLERATO-REVIEW EXERCISES (with ANSWER KEY) can use these worksheets to revise all the grammar you need in Bachillerato. docx (18216) · Revision of PASIVAS BACHILLERATO. NAME BACHILLERATO 1. 2º Bachillerato: Modal verbs. 2, 5 oct. 'What time English Clil Bilingualism. 1º BACHILLERATO EXERCISES. (tell). When I was buying the stamps somebody (call) my name. com/support-files/past_simple_or_past_continuous. doc CAUSATIVE PASSIVE EXPLANATION AND EXERCISES. A: What (you En esta sección encontrarás archivos de ejercicios y temas de Bachillerato. Short answers. Modal Verbs 2REVISION EXERCISE. 2) I regret ______ you we won't lend you the money. Nepali. 16. Relative Clauses