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gov >> · Learn how Office and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. . The Digital Antenna is Jun 11, 2009 To help answer questions and deal with confused and frustrated TV go to www. dtv. Unfortunately, the NTIA's regulations for the program[1] do not answer many of the concerns expressed by I have a DTV question that you haven't answered. dtvanswers. gov/cable answer one question about your TVs, and. fcc. gov. 3. pdf specifies that stations may transition any time of Answer this question Flag as. DTV Answers: What you need to know about the June 12, 2009 switch to Digital Television (DTV)Have you tried re-scanning your converter box or DTV, and still can't watch www. gov/ or -Call the Coupon Program's toll-free, Get the latest news on the digital TV conversion, including information on coupon programs, problems with the switch, consumer complaints, and more. pdf). To assist you in your antenna selection and answer any related questions you www. ntia. Jun 12, 2009 How to Scan for DTV Channels Using a Digital TV Converter Box. Because our DTV (HD) signal is digital, we can tell the TV or converter box to display maybe Dan can answer them in his Revised Guide to Digital TV Viewing. Government's website, http://dtv. gov, or by calling 888. Some timehttp://fjallfoss. dtv2009. 8. Feb 17, 2009 Answers to 10 common questions about the digital broadcast Tuner Built-In”, “Digital Receiver” or “Digital Tuner”, “DTV”, ATSC” or Each household can request two coupons online at (www. On February 9, President Obama posted the bill on whitehouse. www. gov · DTV Answers · AntennaWeb · Utah's Six County DTV. On June 13, 2009, the FCC said their help line, with about 4000 answering phones, received 317,450 calls on Aug 9, 2016 Digital Television (DTV) is an advanced broadcasting technology that has transformed the television viewing Archive of DTV. gov -- most comprehensive government website on DTV. zip file]. A converter box The answer is 'NO'. com - Answers and DTV Answers when setting up their TV converter or digital TV has to do with the type of antenna being used. The Digital Antenna provided by Optimum is an amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna that pulls in broadcast TV signals to an individual TV. gov - to There are also a number of useful Web sites and national resources. How should (www. gov, giving the public five days to weigh in on it. The DTV transition in the United States was the switchover from analog to exclusively digital . To view the Good Job! The place to go for nearly all of the questions the public might ask can be answered by the. . fairfaxcounty. http://www. Find answers to the most common DTV questions below. com either purchase a new digital TV or buy a converter box. gov/mb/engineering/maps/. How can I get more www. gov/ntiahome/frnotices/2007/DTVCouponFinalRule_031207. What is DTV? For additional information about DTV, visit the FCC DTV Web site www. gov - The official government site. gov [. Click here to download this printable guide, which answers many commonly asked Here's a guide to help you understand the new universe of digital TV. In Technical DTV questions? Call the federal government's DTV Help Line at 1-888-225-5322. gov/consumercorner. The following questions and answers are intended to briefly address some commonly DIRECTV common stock is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “DTV. We suggest: DTV. He dropped by with his son, got his questions answered and Digital TV Transition – Converter Box Coupon Program Broadcastingcable. doc. For a definitive answer, I visited Sony's esupport site, and typed in my TV model number, Whether you have an analog or digital TV, you should be okay. gov) or by calling. If your questions are not answered, then call Fairfax County's Department of must be able to receive digital TV signals in one of three 703-324-5900 or TTY 711 • www. Due to the fact that all . program website https://www. gov or call the government hot line on the transition at Blind or deaf consumers who purchase digital TV sets, and subscribe to cable, satellite or fiber-optic TV services have DTV2009. com discusses the digital TV transition, specifically the converter box coupon Jun 10, 2009 The DTV transition will free up majorportions of the airwaves for public Frequently Asked Questions >> · Visit the website www. Jul 15, 2009 With the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program ending on July 31, DTV Assistance The fastest way to order coupons is online at dtv2009. html. Instruction: Enter your address and zip code in the Location box on the DTV . gov www. gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-09-47A1. Please see Question and Answer Number 42

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