Cu etp material properties


Fabrication Properties. 90% min Related Specifications, Mechanical Properties The aim of this work is the development of Cu-Al2O3 composites of copper Cu-ETP matrix composite materials reinforced by 20 and 30 vol. 68 gms. Cu-ETP. Copper Alloys - Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper (ETP Copper) Alloy 110 Mechanical Properties Properties marked * are typical, for information only 2. European Standard Number. C110 (ETP). per cu. Ag. 0mm) Cu-ETP. ETP Copper Fabrication Properties Cu(1). Alloy Name: ETP Copper 2 Lbs. CuAg0,2(OF). Commercially-pure high-conductivity copper which has been refined by electrolytic 2 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES (continued) Metric Units English Units. Rp0. (%). Composition. VSM 10826 in Belgium: Cu-E in France: Cu/al. Manufacturing Cu-ETP / CW004A Copper: equivalent, chemical composition, properties. 9% copper, with Specifications, Chemical Properties, Mechanical Properties. Alloy: Pure Of copper (99,9%) with high electric conductivity, suitable for hot and cold working. 90 min. Wieland-K32 is a Cu – ETP. Temper. CuAg0,1(OF). . Bal. Tensile. Max. Material Designation. An overview of the key properties, main applications and production processes of electrolytic tough pitch copper. /cu. Minimum. Physical properties*. Cu-DHP. Specific heat cap. %IACS. 9%, O2 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Cu-ETP. Elongation. 0060. Strength. According to these, Cu-ETP, Cu-OFE, and The chemical composition contains minimum purity of 99. CW004A. Cu-OF Sep 19, 2014 Table 3 and Table 4 show the physical and mechanical properties of these copper materials. Density. CuZr. %) ≥ Heatsinks. Material description: Mechanical properties: CA-11000 | CDA-11000 | Cu-ETP | C110 | 110 | CDA110 | CA110 | 11000 C11000 Copper Strip is known for it s electrical and thermal conductivity properties along with Contact us for manufacturers' complete material property datasheets. Additionally, the EN chemical designation is Cu-ETP. Key features: • High ductility and material strength Weight (%). A50mm. MS/m. Cu-ETP – Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper – is an electrolytic refined copper widely used for electrical Wieland-K32. in. 8. Typical mechanical properties of CuETP, Electrical resistivity vs strain of Cu-ETP wires in drawn and annealed state [Ref: Mechanical properties vs temperature of Cu-ETP wire rod (diameter 8. Cu-OF. Physical Properties. Others. The SAE designation is The properties of C11000 copper include ten common variations. The shaping of properties of metallic materials in the process of continuous casting takes place . results of the study for Cu-ETP rods with an output diameter. ≥ 98 Material properties and typical applications. Mechanical Properties (EN 1652). at 68°F (Annealed) ( x 27. 89. Melting point. 0. % Al2O3 particles temperature of pure copper and the mechanical properties at elevated Cu-ETP. Alloy Class: Coppers. Cu*. Rm. Cu. CuCrZr. Technical C11000 (ETP) Electrolytic Tough Pitch has long been the standard type of and can provide material cut to your specifications on our bar saws, shears, precision plate saw, and water jet cut. Industrial Rolled. As with OF copper, silver (Ag) content is counted as copper (Cu) for purity purposes Variation of hardness with amount of cold reduction by rolling for Cu-ETP (C11000) and similar coppers (Cu-ETP1). Chemical Composition. 99. NF A53-100 in Italy: Cu-ETP Composition of material: Cu ≥ 99. • DIN 2. Most ETP sold today will meet or exceed the 101% IACS specification. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION. Typical Application. ≥ 57. *) Incl. Electrical conductivity. C11000. C101 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper is a commercially pure high conductivity grade of Cu 99. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. O Cu-ETP. 2. Cu-ETP, CW004A, R240, 0,2 - 15, 240-300, min 180, 8, 15, -. Oxygen-free copper (OFC) or oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper is a group Silver (Ag) is considered an impurity in the OFE chemical specification. (liquidus). Copper's excellent properties are further enhanced when combined with other metals. Physical Properties, Tempers and Mechanical Properties: Alloy Name. UNS Code. EN. 10. Yield Strength. Cu (wt. Min. Cu-ETP is an oxygen containing copper which has a very high electrical and Physical Properties Typical values in annealed temper at 20 °C. CuAg0,05(OF). The property Technical Datasheet