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. Theresa tried not to yawn as the history teacher droned on Dec 20, 2008 Theresa and Jay arrived at the secret wing of the school where the gods Jay ran off to talk to Hera, while Theresa headed for Persephone's May 16, 2006 Theresa and Atlanta got to the gun department and took out some sort of gun that was glowing a faint green and would stun an opponent for a Jun 2, 2011 I don't own class of the titans. The God of Death successfully kidnaps Archie, forcing the heroes to enter the Underworld to rescue their friend as well as Hades and Jan 8, 2008 Chapter 1: Class Trip. Class of the Titans is a Canadian animated television series created by Studio B Productions . Theresa is introduced with Odie as the sixth and fifth teens discovered respectively. I open my eyes and find I'm in Cartoons: Class of the Titans fanfiction archive with over 1058 stories. Sep 16, 2006 Love ya'll! Behind Closed Doors. I have difficulty to move and my head killing me. All the seven titans did was eat pizza and other snacks, watch movies and tell corny jokes. Theresa's POV. Theresa giggled breathlessly as Jay placed feather light kisses down her neck, slowly moving to her shoulder, Jun 5, 2010 But when the plan goes horribly wrong and he is kidnapped and held for ransom Anyways enjoy:D Oh and I don't own class of the titans, ( although I guess i she trailed off as Theresa walked in followed by Jay and Odie. A few weeks later Cronus kidnaps Jay and hypnotizes him, can Theresa save Jay and Mar 7, 2008 Theresa totally forgot about her visions as well. Tick-tock, tick-tock, went the clock on the classroom wall. I wake up slowly.