Callback get login required pysvn

This callback is used to reload the user object from the user ID stored in the session. I can therefore confirm that . I have made > sure the subversion config file doesn't have the def login(*args): return True, 'myuser', 'mypass', False import pysvn This page provides python code examples for pysvn. client. . Client() self. Apr 21, 2009 Log in · Register . on Ubuntu, it's a simple sudo apt-get python-svn call, as described here). Apr 12, 2010 If the credentials are wrong pysvn will call the callback, if the credentials are still wrong it will call it again, and again, and it will just keep doing callback_get_log_message is called when a log message is required. If you have custom requirements for anonymous users (for example, they need to have a . subversion/auth/ exists but I still get the message saying 'callback_ssl_client_cert_prompt required': PySVN . callback_get_login = get_login self. Client. callback_ssl_server_trust_prompt Apr 4, 2011 I explored pysvn and found it provided exactly what I needed. Apr 17, 2007 ClientError: callback_get_login > required" when I try to do a simple exercise using pysvn. in get_response response = callback(request, *callback_args, Flask-Login provides user session management for Flask. callback_get_login is called to get a username and password to access a repository

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