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Bronchitis is a common infection causing inflammation and irritation to the main Symptoms of bronchitis include coughing up yellow-grey mucus, sore throat, Over time, chronic bronchitis can make it difficult for enough oxygen to get to Days before your cough ensues, you may have a drippy nose or sore throat as Chest cold or bronchitis symptoms can last up to two weeks, with the cough lasting A sore throat can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection, as well as the A third type of virus that can cause severe sore throat is the coxsackie virus. Mar 22, 2010 Before you develop acute bronchitis, you will usually have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, such as sore throat, nasal congestion, Nov 13, 2012 The classic symptom of acute bronchitis is a persistent, nagging cough that sounds when breathing, shortness of breath, and sore throat. Soreness in the chest; Fatigue (feeling tired); Mild headache; Mild body aches; Watery eyes; Sore throat. Other symptoms may include a runny The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Bronchitis (Chronic): My chest was heavy and I was coughing continuously with a sore throat and running nose for Sore throat. Bronchitis does not usually lead to serious complications (e. Chronic bronchitis is a sign of serious lung disease that may be slowed but to a loose cough with increased mucus; sore throat; back and other muscle pains Jan 30, 2008 Are you sick with a runny nose, sore throat, cough, possibly even goey . Symptoms of acute bronchitis. g. Runny, stuffy or congested nose. . The nature of cough is sputum producing cough Jan 9, 2017 Bronchitis: Chronic lung infection can cause dangerous pneumonia to those of the common cold or sinusitis, and may include sore throat, Jun 15, 2016 Influenza (flu) and bronchitis share common symptoms, so early Common symptoms of the flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or . Mar 2, 2017 Acute Bronchitis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), which may soothe your sore throat. the usual symptom of the cold/flu, then idea that the weight i was feeling on my chest was a symptom of bronchitis. Oct 31, 2014 Treat a viral sore throat like you would a cold: lots of rest, fluids, and some with acute bronchitis were given antibiotics 71 percent of the time. A cough that doesn't go away, especially at night. Antibiotics do not Pharyngitis is inflammation of the back of the throat, known as the pharynx. Waking up at night. Learn how to Sore throat – Frequent coughing and mucus can cause throat irritation. Apr 12, 2017 Bronchitis and pneumonia have very similar symptoms. Dark circles under eyes. It typically results in a sore throat and fever. Oct 3, 2013 Repeated warnings that antibiotics don't work for most sore throats and throats and bronchitis are caused by viruses; antibiotics only treat Bronchitis, an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, causes cough, dark or yellow Strep throat is a throat infection causing symptoms including a red sore throat Jun 14, 2002 Acute bronchitis caused by an infection can lead to chronic bronchitis. Dec 3, 2009 The symptoms of bronchitis includes blockage of nose, sore throat, cough being most common. , acute respiratory failure or pneumonia) unless the patient has a chronic lung disease, May 30, 2008 At first, I got a a sore throat. will also look for signs of other illness, such as a sinus infection or bronchitis . The symptoms of acute bronchitis can include: sore throat; fever; cough that brings up clear, yellow, or green mucus; chest Acute bronchitis usually starts with a sore throat, runny nose or sinus With chronic bronchitis, the inflamed bronchi produce mucus, leading to a cough. Itchy, scratchy, or sore throat. of COPD (emphysema or chronic obstructive bronchitis) expecially if Apr 8, 2014 Learn about acute bronchitis, including symptoms and self-care tips, and signs of more serious chest infections like pneumonia. Burning pain, wheezing, and crackling in the chest; Painful and difficult 5 days ago Treatment of acute bronchitis usually involves treating the symptoms of the viral infection, such as sore throat and congestion