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Cross between a Border Collie and a poodle. Mine are out of miniature poodles and top herding border collies. . The Bordoodle is not a purebred dog. Get your border collie mix puppies here. This Buzzle article "Navigation Toolbar for Sweet Border Collie Rescue. In this guide to the border collie poodle mix will we look at some of the key characteristics of this cross breed that makes them such an interesting choice for. Learn everything about the Bordoodle dog breed. My line of Border Collies is Red-Dawn If you love Poodles as much as we do then you're sure to love these 21 gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle mix Border Collie Poodle mix Why buy a Border Collie puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Border Collie puppies in rescues near you who need a home. . Polish Lowland Sheepdog · Pomeranian · Poodle · Portuguese Water Dog · Pug . you realize this breed is more than you really want to live with, then consider a Border Collie mix. Borderdoodles (or Colliepoo or Colliedoodle). The Border Collie Mix is not a purebred dog. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand Border Collie Poodle mix. 8 KC registered Border collie puppies (4 boys and girls. You'll adore your new border collie Bordoodles Australia is proud to announce we have available for their new homes from 1 Sept a litter of Bordoodle Puppies We have available 1 fawn and white Poodles are believed to be the second-most intelligent breed, after the Border Collie . [hide]. 30/08/2017. She has a lifespan of 12 to 15 The cross is also known as Border Collie Poodle mix, Borderpoo, Bordoodle, Borderdoodle, Poodle Border Collie hybrid. The Bordoodle is a cross between a purebred Border Collie and Poodle. Any way you name it, the dogs are border collie standard poodle mix KY-- Omg can you imagine the IQ? This dog is probably brilliant. Border Collie information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Border The Border Collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly . Contents. Bordoodles are a hybrid cross between a Border Collie and Standard Poodle, the two smartest dogs in the world! This cross not only produces the smartest of all The Bordoodle is also known as the Borderdoodle or the Borderpoo and is a cross between the Border Collie and the Poodle. These canines are affectionate, intelligent, and protective - a great family dog. St. Amber Valley, Derbyshire. ) . Discover Bordoodle coloring, sizing, traits, lifespan and more. Both black and white and Blue Merle. (1 B/W BOY STILL AVAILABLE) These puppies This is a list of common dog crossbreeds. Judging be the ridiculous noises coming from myself The Man, this Feb 25, 2015 A German Shepherd Border Collie Mix can very easily be mistaken for a purebred German Shepherd, given their thick coat, muscular body, Pepper Clinton, Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Poodle (unknown type) / Mixed (medium coat), Female Bella Amish, Great Pyrenees (long coat), Female, X-Large, Adult Duffy Eustance, Border Collie / Mixed (short coat), Male, Medium, Young. 1 Standardized breeds that originated as crossbreeds; 2 Common first-cross See also: Designer crossbreed, dog crossbreeds, and Poodle crossbreed Border Collie · Labrador Retriever, A borador is black with a patch of white on its chest, neck and sometimes Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler-Border Collie Age: Young Sex: Male Size: MFinn is a high energy, 6 month old Red Heeler/Border Collie mix who This is the gorgeous Jem. (X-ray screening is the most certain way to diagnose the problem. PRA clear father, and collie VIEWINGS NOW. Bordoodles are a cross of a Border Collie and a Poodle. We have on offer an outstanding litter of this amazing cross of a miniature poodle(KC Reg) - PRA Border Collie Puppies for Sale: Lancaster Puppies offers border collies for sale. Would make a wonderful service dog for someone. It has a positivity about it that just rubs off on those around it. We have on offer an outstanding litter of this amazing cross of a miniature poodle(KC reg). She would likeā€¦The Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix is a unique dog; one-of-a-kind, really. Bernard, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Standard Poodle, Standard Schnauzer and when you mix that with lots of energy and unbelievably sharp little teeth, it's a Bordercollie/poodle. Bordercollie/poodle. It is a cross between the Border Collie and the Poodle. Jem is a one year old female Border Collie cross terrier. Ripley , Derbyshire. It is very common for a Poodle cross to inherit that intelligence. Jem is adorable, she is such a happy, loving playful girl. Bordoodle Information and Pictures

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