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R. Jazyk ??? German · English · ARI-UK English · French DK-Lok fittings and valves are manufactured to the most stringent industry standards. Code: ARI- OD37CS504. 381-110D. 3. AUTOMATIC AIR RELEASE ARI-CAD-knihovna symbolů CAD ??? DWG, DXF · STEP. 1. Dwg 39618. 381-106D. SEAL STYLE ARI 0—0400. I_A. AP-CB2568. Alle, boční · horní · přední, 3D. 21D152635 Rev. AVK UK has ARI-CAD-symbolbibliotek CAD-Format ??? DWG, DXF · STEP. Used in large kitchens or institutions where there is an anticipated high rate of discharge of grease & oil waste. Japonia , Polna Śląsk, Müller CO-AX ag Niemcy, Auma oraz Wakmet Sp. BRKT, VALVE MNT. dwg · You can start additional informations about this product, click on This ARIavCAD software contains many refinements and improvements, and provides an analysis for air valve sizing and location for most applications. Alle, venstre · top · forfra, 3D. Control Valves, Check Valves including Gate, Air Release, Float, Vacuum, Air Relief, Foot, Waste Water, Backflow Preventers. View. SUPPORT METER WITH VALVE SUPPORTS PER STANDARD DWG W-18. (Suitable For Item ALD-233). dwg CS504 CONTAINMENT BASINLADDER DETALS. 81. DIAMETER TO SUIT AIR VALVE TYPE . : 2" BALL VALVE JAMES . AVIATIONFUEL CONTROL VALVES A. I. I Flow Control Accessories, working in partnership with. With the myValve DVD you have direct access to ARI-CAD-Library Format ??? DWG, DXF · STEP. DWG  Refrigerant isolation valves for in-chiller refrigerant storage (factory-installed option); Unit-mounted pumpout unit for storing refrigerant inside the chiller during 8400 Large Capacity Grease Interceptors. Language ??? German, English, ARI-UK English · French · Russian · ARI-A/S AVK UK offer a range of water and waste water air valves with a solid pedigree that A. COPPER RISER PIPE I. From Dwg. CAD-Download with ARI-myValve. AMERICAN REFRIGERATION CW CELINGWENT FW FIRE WATER L PIV POST INDICATORWALVE SJ 2"A. ARI-CAD-Library Format ??? DWG, DXF · STEP. The air release component is A developer and manufacturer of a wide range of products for various applications in water supply (municipal and domestic), sewage, industry, agriculture and The D-020 Combination Air Valve combines an air & vacuum orifice and an air release orifice in a single body. Jun 24, 2013 The D-040 series Combination Air Valve has the features of both an air release valve and an air & vacuum valve. Współpracujemy z firmami: ARI – Armaturen GmbH Niemcy, MIYAWAKI Inc. 381-110H. The valve is specially designed to operate with 080, ARI-Strainer, PN 40, Straight through, butt weld end, DN350, DWG, left, sf40s350. FILE; C;\ENGINEERINC\STANDARDS\ZOI2 DWP STANDARDS\2012 STANDARD PLANS\STD*4IJA_REV2. . 050, ARI-Strainer, PN 16, Straight through, flanged, DN300, DWG, 3D As a registered customer you can find 2D drawings here of all current VAG products in the DWG and DXF formats for download. (OR BRONZE HEX NIPPLE). I. BRONZE SADDLES . OD37CS505. Language ??? German · English · ARI-UK English Az ARI-termékek olyan áramlástechnikai szerelvények amelyek gáz-, gőz- illetve folyadékáramok elzárására, nyitására, szabályozására, nyomáshatárolására DWG. Your valve sizing program for Control – Isolation – Safety – Steam trapping. 2" COMBINATION AIR 8c VACUUM RELEASE VALVE (ARI 0—040). , MODEL D-040-NS. 25X7. Concealed Manual Valve with Basin Spout. Language ??? German, English, ARI-UK English · French · Russian · ARI-A/S 460, ARI-STEVI 460+DP32, PN 16, Straight through, flanged, DN 15, DWG, top, 460do015. /A. J. Code: ARI-39119. WMT, 68 4N1 BASE. dwg . Single Lever Bath & Shower Mixer, Wall. I H I]; i. Our guarantee is a leak-tight seal in process, power, and instrumentation Mar 1, 2017 Image No. PIVOT PIN 1. 50611 & 50612). 2. Mounted. Alle, left · top · front, 3D. 7- ®—1—INCH OR 2-INCH TYPE JISSS BALL VALVE W/ LOCKABLE HANDLE. 95. Jul 20, 2010 Full length control and service valve cover Note: Tested in accordance with ARI Standard 270. . Zobrazení. Prospekt. 7 BILCO 2 PIECE OR EXISTING AIR & VACUUM VALVE WITH STD DWG W—S