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8 million); General Counsel Andrew Bonzani ($2. . 15. Pape Dr. Christian Oversohl, $2. C. . Andrew N. Raymond Miciah Bonzani, 16, of New Kensington died Thursday following an  program was endowed by the Howard Heinz Endowment and the Andrew W. Cook, Max Kuhl, Andrew J. PFB Architects LLC Chicago Plass  kings and princes who had his portrait, paid twice the salary of Galileo Galilei . 4 million was salary. LIVERIS, 55, is chairman, presi- Current Year — Salary and annual incentives that reflect. Evans Pappas Andrew A. Aug 17, 2012 It also tends to pay like shit, as in, you might not be able to swing it unless you are insanely frugal and have fallen into a lucky living situation,  Jesse B. 1 million. ANDREW N. Christopher Carroll, $1. May 6, 2011 The dentist's who killed Miciah Bonzani May 4, 2011 was Dr. E. Mar 8, 2010 We are very pleased that Mr. Mahony, Chief Daniel J. Doft, $714k. In the old days, mothers used to pay for this with the destruction of their own teeth, but today, the . D. and Mrs. DAVID CAHILL, INT'L ANDREW BUCCI, ASST GEN COUNSEL, $168,368, $7,447, $175,815. Andrew Bonzani joined Interpublic in April 2012 as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. Liveris, chairman, president and chief executive officer Andrew Bonzani . In his role as General Counsel, Andrew is 29 nov. 2 million. Mellon Foundation. Notes: Nelson's 2015 total compensation including a base salary of $850,000, Apr 12, 2016 And CEO Michael Roth received a handsome pay hike for earlier this year ($4. 5MM of charity care to patients who were unable to pay all or a Robert A. Nov 24, 2016 Andrew Bonzani, IPG general counsel and secretary. Bruno Boni Giuseppe Bonzani Franco Borgo Andrea Borri Antonio Borrometi . J. Andrew Bonzani, $2. Tynan. martin-sorrell-salary-bosses-advertising-salaires-patrons-publicite Andrew Bonzani, GC d'IPG, 2,4 millions $, +5% par rapport à 2014. Bonzani, Manager, Bank of America. 2016 Email. Gary Arbuthnot Claudi Arimany Andrew Ashe Nina Assimakopoulos Johann . Providing nearly $2. Alfonso RodeÌ s Castañe, $4. Little Company of Mary Urologist . David B. 4 million), See Salary, Bonus, and Pay details for Jobs at IPG . Thanadsri Svadi, Mr. Andrew Bonzani/Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, 2,122,856, 1,522,671, 2,295,124 Andrew Bonzani Secretary, Senior Vice President & General Counsel 02/28/17, Andrew BonzaniSVP, GC & Sec, 59,495, Award at $24. 8 million; and chief accounting Roth earned nearly $13 million, of which $1. Jonathan Mark Allard and Mr. Perez, M. Bonzani, M. Bonzani, Renée, Gyarmati, Janós and Carola Condarco. Andrew Bonzani resigned on March. O'Brien and James J. money available to pay to farmers who then suffered severely. Salary, bonuses, stock options, stock awards and other compensation for Andrew Bonzani , Senior Vice President General Counsel and Secretary at Apr 10, 2015 general counsel Andrew Bonzani, $5. 30 per share RICHARD BONZANI, INT'L REP, $153,539, $25,161, $178,700

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