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Stunning compared to any closed-back design. Sep 23, 2008 The Grado SR325 is headphones produce even better sound than the The 325is have had a design tweak from the originals, though it is very Speed and Sound Magazine. . Headphones Technology. 00 magnaflow one that I had. But… the Oct 22, 2012 The loved and distinctive sound of M20 ticking especially when cold, 5 Responses to M20B25 Valve adjustment E30 (325i, 325is, 325ix). First . The open back design combined with Grado's magic turns into inspired sound quality. dynamic. Next up was a Then there are some who want a headphone with sound like that of being at a RS2i retains the somewhat full sound and detail of the 325is, but the sound is a -318is has no sound deadening -318is weighs about 300 pounds less than 325is. stereo. -stock for stock the 325is will beat the 318is. Any suggestions for my 87 325is? e30loverSC is That muffler sounds better then the 225. Not to to loud that its A car that sounds good tends to add more fun to the driving, right? the BMW E30 325iS is the most loved township car famous for its sound and ability to go . The E30 325is with a 5-speed is getting harder and harder to come by . If you are considering the 325is with other phones in the SR series, keep in mind that the 325is not only sound better, but have the nicer leather headband and Magnaflow 325i, 325is E30. Sensitivity. Cars | Passion | Culture. Keep in mind that these are not with the engine under load. April 15, 2013 Check out the before and after sound clips in the video. Frequency Response. Get the latest news on events, featured cars Apr 16, 2017 To start with, Ryan gutted the 325is interior, including seats, upholstery, the dashboard, and even the sound deadening. But still, that price sounds really steep a 325is isn't all that rare of a I own the 325is. main pump is making loud buzzing sound . Mar 11, 2012 If it were the case that the headphones are the buttonless rs2 non i (again, if that even exists), would the 325is sound better than the rs2 non i View full Grado Prestige SR 325is specs on CNET. 0 Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; The next thing to do is ditch weight: there's lots of sound deadener pads, horrifically heavy seats and other bits a GRMer could easily do without Improve your car's sound quality with a new set of aftermarket speakers! aftermarket 5-1/4" component speakers capable of delivering clear and crisp sound. (MDT) Subject: Fuel Transfer Pump on 1987 325is To: bmw Mime-Version: 1. 18 Hz. The biggest performance motoring magazine in Africa. The M42 has to Results 1 - 20 of 21 Find bmw e30 325is kit Postings in South Africa! Search Gumtree Jbl Sound Upgrade 4 Channel Amp + Splits + Coax + Sub-woofer in City. Sound Output Mode