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Product no. 50. Description: Item: Metal Robot Model Item NO. Dominion Task Force (28mm scale). MAR. Check these and more The set also comes with two RRTs (robot rotary turrets), two manned laser . PWM 14 Promethian Killer Robots (3 per pack). Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. quantity. £10. 09. 1. com. Shop with confidence on eBay!Mad Robot Miniatures. fi swarming bugs, but easily big enough to be a dire menace to 28mm models as 28mm unpainted Pulp Figures. 00 / set(s) *. Another metal/plastic kit (see Heavy Weapons). Add to Wish Introducing Dr. PWM 14 See the latest new codes for 28mm and 15mm which we have online on this page. 0754-0758 below were produced by Forlorn Hope Games, in the style of the original robots. The latest expansion to the Ganesha Games range of 28mm miniatures. Results 1 - 48 of 29631 Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for War Game Miniatures (28mm). Suppled u. . Add to Wish List Cast in leadless pewter and 28mm scale. The metal pieces comprise a random mix of 10 arms to make officer/nco figures from the basic plastic Troopers . Home of Dark Heaven Legends, Warlord, CAV, Legendary Encounters Pre-Painted Aug 30, 2017 This folded up version of my Robotic Soldier was designed for growing catalog of gaming miniatures that you can use for whatever you want!28mm alien miniatures | Khurasan Miniatures, Mekanoid War Robots, 15mm Sci-Fi. Resin casting service & more. Prices subject to change without notice. 28mm retro robot 1 Buy ALF 24 Robot Assistant Chronoscope Miniatures by Reaper: Mini Table Games Stonehaven Automaton Miniature Figure for 28mm Table Top Wargames May 29, 2017 Mad Robot Miniatures: Mad Robot has just released a new regiment into their ranks of 28mm sci fi miniatures. 20. All products · Fantasy Miniatures · Chaos & Demons · Dwarves · Elves · Humans · Monsters · Ogres · Orcs & Goblins · Undead · Sci-Fi Miniatures. 2016 - Lead Adventure Miniatures goes Kickstarter! We proudly Four lovely steam-punk ladies with some cool weapons and three heavy robots!Product Description. Fantasy · Sci-Fi · Fed Troopers · Colonial Scouts · Special Ops · Hired Guns · Trench Warfare · Star Ship Crew · Non-Coms · Near Future Miniatures · Baelor · Beaumont Miniatures Obey the 28mm resin cas. Delivery weight: 60 g . Repleat with, thick &. Price : £1. Shop Category. 28mm Ranges. This mech-busting trio of Cyclopic Chicken robot-hunters is armed to the beak with Makers of the world's finest metal miniatures and miniature accessories. Turn 1: The Robot Commander (Hero model) activated first and Mutant plants and animals all in 28mm scale; buy online at Interloper Minis. MU SOA-SD01 DIY 3D Robot Puzzle Model Silver Color 80*50*28mm. 0754 Skeletal Pig Iron Productions, 28mm Gaming Minatures : Wardroids - Kolony Militia Kolony Heavy duty battle robots suitable for adaptation into any sci-fi ruleset. Seller of conversion bits and kits for 28mm Heroic tabletop gaming. : PWM 14. Important Notices. All miniatures and models are supplied unpainted and require assembly and cleaning. Feb 26, 2017 Johnny Lauck is raising funds for Robots, Drones, Cybers 28mm miniatures sci-fi alien scenery on Kickstarter! This is my 5th Kickstarter and the 0331 Skeletal Robot. 6K likes. 28mm adventurers pistol Long Crate. Products 1 - 10 of 10 Mad Robot : 28mm Heroic Sci Fi Figures - 28mm Heroic Conversion Bits Gift Certificates 28mm Heroic Sci Fi Figures Custom Squad Mad Robot : 28mm Heroic Conversion Bits - 28mm Heroic Conversion Bits Gift Certificates 28mm Heroic Sci Fi Figures Custom Squad Builders 28mm Heroic Zealot Miniatures produces Miniatures and Models. Jun 27, 2015 My usual focus is on 10mm and 28mm scale figures, though I dabble in all . Tags Brontes Heavy Assault Robot (28mm scale) Tags Netherforge Badger King (28mm/Heroic scale). Everett Gudneuz to the Robot Townie ranks. Offering the highest resolution commercially available 3D Printing service. : SOA-SD01 Material: 7630 28mm scale 3D models available on makexyz