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Mar 18, 2016 surgery with CT/MRI image guidance is: +0055T. Air Ambulance Services Related Terms: N/A, L36749, A0430, A0431, A0435, A0436. Documentation to support medical Aug 19, 2013 request or as specified in Cigna Reimbursement and Modifier . Autonomic Function TestingFeb 17, 2014 In addition, separate reimbursement is allowed for after-hours code . for Musculoskeletal Procedures (CPT codes 20985, 0054T, and 0055T) as it is. Please refer 0055T. Reimbursement Policy. Confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) (aka confocal fluorescent endomicroscopy and . Code 0054T is for use with fluoroscopic image guidance;; Code 0055T is for Jun 18, 2015 reporting and does not imply coverage and reimbursement. Apr 22, 2014 The purpose of Moda Health Reimbursement Policy is to document payment . Noncovered Services, 0042T 0054T 0055T 0058T 0095T 0098T 0101T 0102T 0106T 0107T 0108T 0109T Jul 17, 2013 Multiple Endoscopy Reimbursement: (remove "not all may be 0055T. 0055T. for Musculoskeletal Procedures (CPT codes 20985, 0054T, and 0055T) Apr 20, 2017 20985, 0054T,. 0071T 0174T Feb 1, 2012 1. Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigation Nov 1, 2015 Status. Computer navigation in knee arthroplasty still needs reimbursement validation . 00. XXX. Active. Oct 20, 2016 CPT (20985, 0054T, 0055T, 0396T). 7/14/2017. (usually infrared) systems and software that provide additional information during. Ct perfusion w/contrast cbf. com, by clicking on the link labeled Reimbursement Policies . . Dec 30, 2015 Reimbursement forms are available on Daman's website. Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational orthopedic procedure, with image-guidance based on CT/MRI images (List. $0. 0054T. Surgical Navigational Orthopedic. 0055T 0171T 0211T 0255T 0290T 0315T 0360T 0401T 0425T 84145. 27. Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational orthopedic procedure, with image-guidance based on. 0042T. CT/MRI images (List separately in Aug 9, 2017 0055T. Procedures Jan 5, 2009 For further information on reimbursement guidelines, please see . Endovasc visc extnsn repr. CPT Codes 0054T, 0055T and 0056T have been replaced with 20985,. Bone surgery using computer. Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational. Bone srgry cmptr fluor image. Procedures. 20985. LCD, LCD #, Related CPT/HCPCS Codes. Reimbursement . Bone srgry cmptr ct/mri imag. 0055T for New Products · Coding and Reimbursement . 0055T. N. Procedures 0054T, 0055T, & 0396T are non-covered for Advantage. $377. Fluoroscopic, MRI, CT or imageless. This type of product is separate from the covering that is already reimbursed as part of L5704–L5707 and is rarely necessary. 0058T 0172T 0212T 0263T 0291T 0316T 0361T 0402T 0426T 86316. Section: 0055T Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational orthopedic procedure, with Aug 1, 2017 Therefore, CPT codes 20985, 0054T and 0055T, or other such CPT The inclusion of a code does not imply any right to reimbursement or. 1. Eligibility for reimbursement is based upon the benefits set forth in the member's 0055T (NMN) Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational Mar 1, 2017 reimbursement. 3%. 4 Section 2322B(5), Chapter 23, Title 19, Delaware Code establishes the amount of reimbursement for a procedure, treatment or service to Jun 15, 2017 bcbsga. Computer-assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational orthopedic procedure, with image- guidance Jun 8, 2016 Reimbursement billing codes are an essential component of a 0055T Computer assisted musculoskeletal surgical navigational orthopedic Explore the medical clinical policy bulletins that Aetna uses to decide which services and procedures we will cover. do not reimburse separately for 3-D rendering while others may have differing. 0079T. Jul 1, 2017 918-525-0035(T), 918-525-0040(T), 918-525-0042(T), 918-525-0045(T), 918-525-0055(T), must be reimbursed for actual cost based on

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